These days, technology drives business success more than anything else and it’s easy to believe that there are lots of people who can help you put up a website and be off to the races. Whether you are working on your startup marketing strategy, or planning on how to grow a business fast technology is a key part of your overall plan so let’s make sure it’s working right for you!

This is mostly true!

Let’s Talk Websites

There are lots of people who can throw up a website for you. There are lots of tools that let you throw up a website for yourself too! The question to ask yourself is whether this website will do the job you need it to do. If you need it to provide standard information so that people that have already met you will continue to be open to working with you, that website just might be enough.

If you want more, perhaps it’s not enough. These days’ prospects want websites that engage with their unique problem in the first 3-5 seconds. If your website does that, then congratulations you have already won!

The facts of the matter are that it’s not just about the website anymore. It’s about what the website does for you. In the context of how to make your small business grow, a website is not a website anymore. A website is a platform for introducing your offer to prospects that don’t already know you. Prospects don’t really care about you much unless they understand “what’s in it for me” (WIIFM).

While technology is critically important, from your business perspective it is just an enabler. Instead of people driving down the road to your office, they are navigating through cyberspace to your office. Since the road is paved with technology we have to understand enough to direct our tech people to build exactly what you want and at the price that you can afford.

Why Find A Business Coach?

The right business coach will guide you away from situations that waste your money and don’t help you grow your small business. Here are some situations that I’m finding recently and I’m working to correct with my new clients:

Situation 1: Too Much Tech Not Enough Business

Entrepreneur hired someone as a web developer with too much tech and not enough business knowledge and marketing understanding, so their website is old school from a content perspective and doesn’t attract prospects or help convert them into clients.

Situation 2: Not Enough Tech Knowledge Costs You More

Established business owner hired someone as a web developer who was more of a marketing person and didn’t have the technical skills, so they tried to fix an old website. They spent thousands of dollars fixing old technology that it would have taken to delete the old site, keep the content and build a whole new site. These are frustrating especially when the business owner invested a lot of money in the website and ended up with the same crappy site with poorly organized information but now it is mobile friendly!

Situation 3: Do-It-Yourself Might Not Do It

Entrepreneur built their own website which doesn’t attract prospects or convert them into clients because the content does not resonate with their ideal target client.

Of the three situations above, which do you think is the easiest to resolve?

In many ways, situation 3 is easiest because the Entrepreneur has not blown their budget on the website. Now they can come to one of our workshops where we help them define their market dominating position, and where we work with them to define the content that is needed on their website to attract the people they want to become clients.

Situation 2 is simple to deal with if the established business still has budget to build the site that they really need, beginning with the core reasons why people want to work with them and then restructure the content of their website to support the flow of cold prospects into warm prospects and then clients.

Situation 1 is really difficult depending if the founder has financial reserves left to fix the site, and or the technical literacy to make the content changes themselves.

That’s just for the website which is the very basic beginnings of your business’ Internet presence. There is so much more that needs to be done for your business growth using the amazing amount of technology available to small businesses today.

Plus, if you want to know how to start an IT business I’ll specifically address that situation too! I’ve started many IT businesses myself and coached many IT startups very specifically on how to lay their foundation for success and how to grow your online business too!

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