What’s Your Startup Strategy?

I’m so excited that you are here to find out more about how to build your start-up marketing strategy!


Because crafting and designing marketing strategies for startups is so fun and exciting! There are so many different ways to design a marketing strategy, and many of them could even work to draw clients to you. But…many of those marketing strategies being pushed by the gurus out there just don’t work anymore.

How do you know which action to take?

Let me explain. I’m sure it’s no surprise to you that the world’s a busy place these days. We are bombarded with messages from all facets of the world trying to convince us that their way is better. Ultimately it all comes down to results.

The results you want are triggered when you have completely thought through the actions you want your prospect to take with respect to your business, and you have put all the logic and pieces together so they are willing to follow that series of steps that take them to buying your product or service.  Once those series of steps and actions are determined right now to the smallest detail, now it’s time to implement those steps in your lead generation activities, your landing pages, your lead magnets and your product tree.

Best Marketing Strategies for Start-ups

The key difference between a marketing strategy for start-ups and marketing strategy for established companies has to do with the solutions and materials that are already in place. There are key marketing principles that apply in either case.

Never let past decisions determine future actions. Always test to determine the best next step based on current evidence and your overall goals.

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