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Top 7 Ways Your Business is Leaking Money

Based on Brenda’s book “Leaking Money; How Your Business is Losing Money, Opportunities and Customers, and How To Stop It”.

How To Bring A Never Ending Stream of Customers to You

Customer are the life blood of your business. Bringing more customers to you with less effort is the key to fast growth and high profits

Start-Up Technology Essentials Made Simple

Business and Technology are inseparable. The right technology and implemented makes it easy to start, grow and run your business
















Helping Entrepreneurs Find Success In Business

Take Charge in Life And Business

Starting a business is now more important then ever. Everyone know there is no job security and waiting for others to fix the situation will not happen. More and more people are choosing to create their own path and their own business.

The right guidance and direction is critical. Entrepreneurs need guidance and support if they are to achieve real and lasting impact in the world. Just starting a business is not enough you must know how to make it successful.

What’s In It For The Audience?

Better Understanding

Better understanding of the complex landscape of startups and entrepreneurship. Starting a business and growing it quickly can be complex and you need the right tools and approaches to make it easier. Brenda presents the world of business as a world of opportunity and shares the ways to make the most of those opportunities.

Deeper Insights

Deeper insights based on real world experience from a serial entrepreneur and a coach to startups. Brenda has a tremendous wealth of knowledge and experience from hundreds of businesses in every industry. She shares those insights in a straightforward manner that makes it very easy to understand and benefit from.

Delighted and Entertained

Delighted and entertained audiences learn more, remember more and do more. Brenda’s great stories are not only memorable and informative but for many entrepreneurs and businesses they are transformative. She makes it easy to take part in and enjoy the journey into the entrepreneurial and business world.

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