Do You Seek Business Success or To Avoid Failure?

Over the years I’ve helped a lot of different types and sizes of businesses either seek more success or simply avoid failure. Sometimes it’s because a technique or approach to sales or marketing or operations worked for a long time and now it’s no longer working.

Other times it’s because there was a major shift in the market and their product offer is no longer competitive.

Sometimes it’s because the company used to be able to charge a lot more and now there is new competition that has a much superior product delivery strategy. It might even cost the customer more, but if the customer satisfaction is a lot more that additional value more than makes up for the cost.

Ultimately it’s up to the business to cater to the customer in the way they want to shop or take delivery of goods. Supply and Demand, when the customer takes their demand somewhere else your company takes the hit.

How To Grow Your Business

Most of the time businesses are focused on sales, more sales! But sometimes more sales are the last thing you want.

If your business has a product or delivery method or chain of custody problem it’s better to deal with correcting that problem before implementing a new sales campaign to drive up sales. That problem could result in a lot of unhappy customers it almost always best to deal with that problem first. Especially with social media and twitter, an unhappy customer can attract a lot of undesired attention to a faulty process.

This is why I always start with a business assessment to determine the current state of the business before we decide the correct course of action to achieve the business goals. Often times what seems to be a simple problem can turn out to be a complex issue after a little investigation. Similarly, problems that seem immense can actually have straight forward fixes.

Please connect with me and let’s have a discussion about your business and determine what is going well and where improvements are needed. Then we can determine how much additional capacity your website has for additional customers and additional product sets.

Let’s get your strategy, technology and people all aligned to bring the massive value you have to your customers!

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