Is Your Business Aligned?

When we look at alignment, what we are really examining how your goals, strategies, technology and people all operate together so that you can achieve your goals and know how to make your small business grow.

Understanding the gaps in your small businesses alignment is one of the main reasons to work with a business coach. It’s because you can start and grow your business faster by learning and leveraging other people’s knowledge and other people’s mistakes.

There are so many ways to grow a business these days, so many options available to people that I’ve seen many people jump in and start building here, there and everywhere without a clear objective or overall plan about how these individual actions fit together. In the past this approach sometimes worked depending on the uniqueness of the offer.

These days you can end up with a mess of half-baked social media accounts, newsletters that don’t speak to your desired target audience and expenditures like paid-for surveys and adwords campaigns that don’t add value to your offer or attract clients to your business.

It’s very much the same if you are looking for how to grow an IT business. Technology businesses still need to understand the problem to be solved; be able to communicate that value to prospects in a way those people understand; and apply the technology in a way that solves the problem … not just showcase the cool technology.

My technology startup clients are often the most in need of the work to understand their ideal customer. Without this piece of work, it’s not likely that you’ll be able stumble upon and engage a prospect into buying your technology offer even if using a freemium business model. In fact in my experience, the more technical or difficult the product offer is to explain, the more value that you’ll get working with a business coach to grow your business.

The Whole Business Stack


  • Business strategy
  • Marketing strategy
  • Social media strategy
  • Email marketing & innovative strategies for connecting with your prospects
  • Financial & cash flow management strategy


  • Marketing technologies
  • Internet technologies
  • Customer relationship management technologies
  • E-commerce technologies & functionality
  • Social Media Marketing technologies, inter-dependencies & linkages
  • Analytical technologies
  • High tech integration
  • Leading technology & applications to business
  • Cyber security; what’s safe, what’s not, how to protect your small business from malicious hackers and bots


  • Creating a virtual team for your fast growing startup
  • Individual strengths & weaknesses
  • Personality theories & temperament theories
  • How to play to people’s strengths and cover off weaknesses
  • Social aspects of full stack solutions
  • Human aspects of full stack solutions
  • Keeping the human aspects in social media marketing
  • Staying safe online in an interconnected and spam, virus, bot-infested world

Be sure to pick a business coach who understands the whole stack.

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