Brenda Crompton

Speaker - Author - Entrepreneur
Helping you Start and Grow Your Business and achieve your Dreams
My mission is to show you how you can make your dreams come true through the power of starting and growing a business.

My Story

I’m an Entrepreneur and I’ve helped a lot of businesses to make more money by increasing sales and reducing costs. I started my first student housing business in 1985 when I was 21, and my first tech company in 1988 when I was 23 and my marketing worked so well it actually overwhelmed my company.

Since then I love to share my expertise in business strategy, marketing and technology to help lots of small businesses, start-ups and even corporations get the results they are looking for and to achieve their goals. It’s fun!

My Values & Beliefs


Living our lives from the core of who we are is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves and to the world. Trying to be something that we are not is great waste of life and energy. And since your business is a reflection of you when you are authentic your business will be too and people love to do business with authentic people and businesses.


Bringing our creativity to all that we do means we see the possibilities in all things and we can envision the future that we want to create. That which we can imagine we can create and make it come to life. Entrepreneurs are the heart and soul of creativity in the business world. It’s why big companies buy startups, they are buying the creativity of the entrepreneur.


We are what we do. And we are judged by how we do what we say they are going to do. A promise made is shows our intent. A promise kept shows our character. When we do what we say we are going to do we are showing who we really are and how we value other people.

My Approach

The best approach is always to look at and understand your unique situation and what you are trying to achieve. The key is to quickly identify what are the best actions to support your mission and current capabilities. That means that you focus on what is important and what will bring results.

What works in one industry or for a competitor might not be the right course of action for you. The right actions at the right time for your current business that lets you start a business faster and grow your business more easily . It is also a lot more fun when you are working on the things that bring results.

My approach is always the right one because it focuses on what you need, to get the result you want.


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