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Business Owners

Your Business Succeeds when your Strategy, Technology and People are all aligned.


Starting Your Own Business does not mean going it alone. You need someone on your side.


The Foundation of every business is Strategy. It is the big picture for your path to success.


Technology drives business success more than anything else.


People are the heart of all business. Improve Your Business Relationships.


How does your business stackup?

What Is Business Coaching?

Business coaching is the best way to improve your business in the least amount of time. Learn from other people mistakes and success so you can be more successful in less time. Having a coach gives you insight into your business and industry and lets you shortcut the effort and mistakes so you can jump right to the successs.

Who Is Coaching For?

Coaching is for anyone who wants to accelerate their success.and make their life easier. Entrepreneurs, new and established business owners and anyone looking to start a business can all benefit from the experience, insights and guidance of a Coach


About Me

Brenda Crompton is an International Speaker award winning Serial Entrepreneur who started 3 businesses before her 25th birthday. Brenda’s mission is to show people how they can make their dreams come true through the power of starting and growing a business. She is the co-founder of Mirasand Corp. an Expert in leveraging Technology in Business, an Author, and a visionary who turns dreams into reality.


Surpassed my expectations

“My original goal was to get some market analysis and setup a market pricing point. However, Brenda Crompton has brought key insight as to product definition, and a result market space and broad price concepts. It certainly has changed us.

Victor Lee

CEO, CoreData Incorporated

“Brenda had a huge impact”

What a phenomenal job [speaking to our group of 250 members] … and … many people spoke with me about your keynote speech afterwards!

Deb Kosteniuk

President, UTE

“RE: Premier’s Award…This award is a symbol of the innovation and excellence we all achieved with the implementation of Corporate Online…Brenda’s commitment and determination was instrumental”
John S. Powell

Province of British Columbia

Powerful Speaking Abilities

“I had the pleasure of experiencing Brenda’s powerful speaking abilities… Brenda is professional…completely knowledgeable, yet delivers her message in a way all can understand and appreciate.”

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